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Prayer Counseling

This kind of prayer ministry, by the leading of Holy Spirit, focuses on the healing for the innermost hurts;

Mentoring and Internship

To further encourage individuals and families, Hope Alive Ministry provides follow up support and mentoring for individuals and groups;

Workshop and Seminar

The main purpose is to create a sense of community in addressing personal and relational health. It is educational,

Prayer Retreat

Hope Alive organizes prayer retreats where attendees have the opportunity to praise and worship together, bask in God’s presence,

Prayer Counseling Training

Training offered involves impartation of deeper understanding of practical & spiritual ways to address & overcome various issues of life.

immigrants family Outreach

For the prevention of relational crisis; interventions for effective cultural integration; bridging generational gaps and fostering stable

“A wise man says, in response to the question 'how do I be a man,' "it's never about trying to be a man, it's always about how to be human and humane!”

Oluyinka Marcus

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