Retreat / Conferences

Hope Alive organizes prayer retreats where attendees have the opportunity to praise and worship together, bask in God’s presence, share personal testimonies, participate in group prayer activations and be motivated by impacting messages on topics such as:

  • Relationship Matters (with God and others)
  • Identity and Destiny
  • Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Daily Restoration Process
  • Prayer, Intercession and Deliverance
  • Principles of Mind Renewing
  • Mind-Heart Connection
  • Addressing heart hurts

The focus and the theme is on ‘restoration.’ It provides a sacred place for restoration and empowerment. It creates an opportunity to gather for a special time of refreshing, worship, prayer and deeper sense of healing. Attendees learn how to move ahead in life, restore self worth, value and life purpose.

We reach out to Immigrant families for the prevention of relational crisis; interventions for effective cultural integration; bridging generational gaps and fostering stable family life. We also reach out to missionary families to address loneliness, spiritual, emotional and relational challenges on the field.


“I'm not here to impress anybody, I'm here to fulfill destiny, therefore I will not be trying to please anyone, or be jealous of anyone, I know who I am”

Oluyinka Marcus

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Oluyinka Marcus

M.A Counselling