Training, Workshop and Seminar

Training offered involves the impartation of deeper understanding of practical and spiritual ways to address and overcome various issues of life. Participants learn how to identify issues in their own lives and help others who need such healing. The training is about transforming and strengthening a person’s ‘inner man.’ Hope Alive ministry uses training materials from other ministries such as Elijah House Ministry (

Through the prayer minister training the spiritual teaching of the Christian religion is enhanced as participants receive more in-depth knowledge on their faith for their spiritual formation and growth.The main purpose is to create a sense of community in addressing personal and relational health. It is educational, interactive and impactful. It provides practical, useful and effective skills and ideas for addressing past painful experiences; and participants use the skills in their daily lives. It creates a forum for intentional discussions on living in hope, wholeness and joy.


“When you come into God's rest you hear clearer, you have clearer vision. When you live in it, when it becomes your lifestyle, you are happier and at peace”

Oluyinka Marcus

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Oluyinka Marcus

M.A Counselling