Luke 17:11-19 Jesus said in verse 19 ‘rise and go, your faith has made you whole. The word ‘whole’ means ‘healed’ and ‘well.’ Verse 14 reports that ten were cleansed. How is it that only one returned with a heart of gratitude? The word ‘healed’ has been referred to ‘catharsis.’

What happened in the account from the Gospel of Luke was that ten were healed but this one person was made whole because of gratitude. Wholeness has to do with a heart of gratitude. Wholeness has been translated ‘saved’ and it has been known to mean ‘to be delivered,’ or ‘to be rescued.’ In addition, wholeness has been said to refer to ‘being healed spiritually and physically.’ Therefore, it seems that we can state that ‘being made whole’ is another measure of healing; a step beyond being healed.

The account of this story is a lesson for us on genuine gratitude and devotion to God in deeper ways. It is about the grace of God. The grace was released to the one who returned with a heart of gratitude. It is the grace of God that moves us toward wholeness. We learn some lessons, (1) we are to be committed to God in deeper ways; (2) we must become more aware of God within; (3) we much constantly and genuinely acknowledge God for every achievement, regarding everything as blessings from God; (4) we must genuinely acknowledge and consistently express our need for God and His grace.

It’s only by grace. We must recognize our need for God’s grace. It’s about deep humility because we cannot earn it. There’s always a deeper depth in our commitment to God. Our complete devotion to Jesus will move us toward wholeness.

What’s in your heart?
1) What you sow you will reap
2) Good seed produces good fruit
3) Watch over your heart with diligence
4) Fix your eyes on Jesus (Heb. 12:2)
5) Let no bitterness take root in your heart (Heb. 12:15)
6) Renew your mind, transform your heart (Rom. 12:2)
7) There is now no condemnation (Rom. 8:1)

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