Annual Report

January 3rd 2016; Received Charity Registration #77556 4529 RR0001

2021 Activities:

1) Counseling: Over 1040 counseling sessions.

2) Training/ Workshop and Seminars: Two on-going training on prayer counseling (EH school) -each six months duration. Four workshops – Creating awareness and teaching on relational life within the family; and vision casting. Mentoring: On-going one on one couple mentoring.

3) Retreats/ Conference : Over ten gatherings and invited presentations. YouTube videos on mental health topics.  Check out our website for published videos.

“Men say women are too emotional, women say men are too egocentric… the Bible says those who are born of the spirit are led by the spirit”

Oluyinka Marcus

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Oluyinka Marcus

M.A Counselling