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Hope Alive Ministry is a non profit organization founded to impact individuals and their families with the message of the living hope for the healing of their heart’s hurts and traumas. Hope Alive Ministry envisions that people will move toward personal and relational wholeness, enjoy emotional and spiritual well being and a strengthened faith. The mandate focuses more on  Calgary’s African families; addressing traumas and relational woundedness towards living together with true wholeness and joy.

This mandate is carried out by promoting and advancing Bible teachings through healing prayer ministry/counseling; training; workshops; retreats and; mentoring and internship opportunities.

Founded on 1 Peter 1:3, true hope is connected to the redeeming work of Jesus Christ to save humanity. The revelatory understanding of this Living Hope is meant to keep Christian believers alive and help them to be patient and hopeful in life. It is meant to stir up the ‘soul realm’ to most effective action in love and perseverance. When a sense of hopelessness results from specific life challenges, counselling has the potential to help with renewing the mind and transforming the heart, strengthens the faith and elevates joy level.

Supporting families in their personal and relational challenges towards emotional wholeness by providing counseling services, training and retreats, as well as mentorship opportunities.

Heal Hearts Transform Lives

Emotions Counselling, Prayer Ministry Mentoring/Coaching

Oluyinka Marcus – President/Prayer Minister

Oluyinka marcus is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ mandated to impact individuals and their families with the message of the Living Hope for the healing of traumas and hurts. To love them from hope to wholeness and joy

We hear of increasing reports of suicides; depression; grief and relationship issues; stress and mental issues. People are becoming increasingly weary; feeling stuck and overwhelmed more than ever before. So much hurt; hearts wounded; emotionally unstable.

The mission of Hope Alive Ministry is to identify and address the root causes of problems rather than trying to manage them; to effectively address relational wounded-ness; to resolve past traumas that have become problematic; and to provide specific tools for a better life. Hope Alive Ministry is about healing for the hurting and the wounded heart.

This is my passion and the vision of Hope Alive Ministry…meeting people heart to heart for personal and relational wholeness for the enhancement of a deeper sense of fulfillment

It’s a war against HOPELESSNESS. The message of the Living Hope exists out of LOVE.


Oluyinka Marcus is a member of good standing with Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists (PACCP) and Certified Professional Counsellor (CPC)

“We don't want to allow hurt feelings to linger for too long! It does our bodies no good and it affects all relationships.”

Oluyinka Marcus

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Oluyinka Marcus

M.A Counselling